Singers are assigned by grade to one of two levels:

  • CSYC Elementary Choir consists of girls and gents in 2nd-5th grades with unchanged voices and is directed by Mara Smith.
  • CSYC Upper Choir consists of girls and gents in 6th-12th grade with unchanged and changed voices and is directed by Leslie Dripps.
  • Interested singers may also join the CSYC Touring Choir which consists of advanced 4th-12th grade singers already in either Elementary or Upper Choir who desire additional performance opportunities. They will be assigned a set of music just for them which they will learn mostly on their own with provided recordings. We will occasionally meet during regular Tuesday rehearsals. Please see the calendar for this group’s additional concerts.

There are also opportunities for just the gents to sing together and just the girls to sing together, as time and numbers permit. Single-sex instruction is tremendously important in singing training and we look forward to these opportunities.

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