Meet&Sings and Auditions!

Meet&Sing for 1st-3rd grades
Kids going in to 1st-3rd grade who love to sing are registered for choir through our Meet&Sing events.  This is not an audition, but a chance for you and your singer to meet our teaching staff and for our staff to meet your singer and gauge his or her interest and current level.

Please register here for our next Meet&Sing!

Junior Auditions for 4th-5th grades
4th and 5th grade kids who love to sing participate in Junior Auditions




Click here to register for your singer’s Meet&Sing or Audition or receive more info. One of our choir directors will contact you within the week!

If you have been given an Audition Invitation postcard, or your teacher sent you this page in an email, congratulations! That means your teacher thinks you would make a great member of the team; our choir is made up of young people like you who love to sing.

Auditions/Meet&Sing FAQ

What can we expect? Because we know singers do their best when they are least nervous, we hold auditions and Meet&Sings as a group. There may be anywhere from 3 to 9 singers in your group, of all different ages and abilities. Parents are present for the duration of the audition, which is run by members of our faculty.

Will I have to sing by myself? Once we have sung as a group and are familiar with the exercises, singers will be asked to sing first with a partner, then by themselves. You will not be forced to sing by yourself, and our faculty can hear your voice even when we sing in a group. Singers who are too shy to sing alone are not automatically disqualified; our faculty are expert at evaluating a singer’s experience and capability in a variety of situations.

Do I need to prepare a song? Yes! Although the group format is very similar to a regular choir rehearsal “warmup”, please learn the first verse of “America the Beautiful”.  Faculty members teach auditioning singers various vocal exercises designed to highlight elements of rhythm, pitch, tone quality and tonal memory and evaluations are based primarily on the execution of these exercises. Preparing “America” will allow us to hear your voice even better. Memorization is not required.

When do we find out the results? At the conclusion, each singer (and their folks) will be called individually to receive the results.

What if my singer is not ready? We encourage you to try again next year! Sometimes a singer needs a year to develop the attention skills needed for a productive and active choir rehearsal, or perhaps private piano lessons would improve the singer’s aural or rhythmic skills. We want you to know that singing and musicianship is learned and there are a million ways to improve. Our faculty will give your singer detailed feedback  and provide recommendations for additional training in order to improve.

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